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Famous Paintings Reproductions

Travel through time and find the most inspiring artist that identifies the best with your personality.

Start from Giotto, meet then Da Vinci’s genius and the great classics of Botticelli and Michelangelo, get in touch with Van Gogh’s creativity and eventually Kandinskij’s sublime charm. These artworks are reproduced with striking quality. The canvas’ visual effect is outstandingly similar to the one of the original masterpiece.
The production procedure entails that the external edges of the frame are fully covered by the canvas. DELIVERY IN 4-7 WORKING DAYS.

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Van Gogh Van Gogh [52] [{"p":"The Olive grove"},{"p":"Wheatfield with Cypress - 1889"},{"p":"Cypress against a starry sky - 1890"},{"p":"Orchard surrounded by cypresses - 1888"},{"p":"Orchard in bloom with a view of Arles - 1889"},{"p":"Wheat Field behind Saint-Paul Hospital- 1889 - 1889"},{"p":"Iris - 1889"},{"p":"The Bedroom at Arles - 1889"},{"p":"The Church at Auvers - 1890"},{"p":"Vincents chair - 1888"},{"p":"Siesta (after Millet) - 1890"},{"p":"Flower beds in Holland - 1883"},{"p":"Still Life with Iris - 1890"},{"p":"Still life vase with oleander and books"},{"p":"The Starry Night - 1889"},{"p":"Starry Night over the Rhone - 1888"},{"p":"Small Pear Tree in Blossom - 1888"},{"p":"Pine trees against a Red sky - 1889 - 1889"},{"p":"Almond branches in bloom - 1890"},{"p":"Blossoming Chestnut Branches - 1890"},{"p":"Willows at sunset - 1888"},{"p":"Cafe Terrace at night - 1888"},{"p":"Olive trees with yellow sky and sun - 1889"},{"p":"Vase with red poppies - 1886"},{"p":"Vase with poppies, lilies, peonies and chrysanthemums - 1886"},{"p":"Avenue with houses in Arles - 1888"},{"p":"Fishing boats on the beach at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer - 1888"},{"p":"Cypress with two figures - 1889"},{"p":"Still life with fourteen sunflowers"},{"p":"Portrait of Patience Escalier - 1888"},{"p":"Self Portrait - 1889"},{"p":"Self-portrait with felt hat - 1887-88"},{"p":"Interior of a restaurant - 1887"},{"p":"Houses with thatched roofs - 1890"},{"p":"Thatched Houses against a Hill 1890"},{"p":"Portrait of Joseph Roulin - 1888"},{"p":"Japonaiserie (Oiran, da Kesai Eisen) - 1887"},{"p":"Two Poplars on a road through the hill - 1889"},{"p":"The Night Cafe - 1888"},{"p":"Paul Gauguins chair -1888"},{"p":"Self portrait as a painter - 1888"},{"p":"Reaper - 1889"},{"p":"La berceuse (Portrait of Madame Roulin) - 1889"},{"p":"The Arlesiana (Portrait of Madame Ginoux) - 1890"},{"p":"Les Alyscamps - 1888"},{"p":"Langlois Bridge - 1889"},{"p":"Portrait of Pere Tanguy - 1887-88"},{"p":"Portrait of Doctor Gachet - 1890"},{"p":"Wheatfield with Crows - 1890"},{"p":"Das Gelbe Haus - 1888"},{"p":"Gli ulivi - 1889"},{"p":"Ramo di mandorlo fiorito - 1890"}] Klimt Gustav Klimt Gustav [43] [{"p":"Tree of life (Embrace)"},{"p":"Tree of life (Tree)"},{"p":"Water snake I - 1904-1907"},{"p":"Water snake II - 1904-1907"},{"p":"The Stoclet frieze - 1905-1909"},{"p":"Garden - 1906"},{"p":"Garden landscape with Hilltop - 1906"},{"p":"Judith II - 1909"},{"p":"Lovers - 1901-1902"},{"p":"The Kiss - 1907-1908"},{"p":"Island  in the Attersee - 1901"},{"p":"The bride - 1917-1918"},{"p":"Reclining female nude - 1886-1887"},{"p":"Goldfish - 1901-1902"},{"p":"Flower Garden - 1905"},{"p":"Garden with Sunflowers - 1905-1906"},{"p":"Water Nymphs (Silverfish)"},{"p":"Friends"},{"p":"Tree of life (Expectation)"},{"p":"Danae - 1907-08"},{"p":"The three ages of woman - 1905"},{"p":"Pear"},{"p":"Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer - 1907"},{"p":"Roses under the trees"},{"p":"The black feather hat"},{"p":"Lady with hat and feather boa"},{"p":"Adam and Eve"},{"p":"Beethoven Frieze"},{"p":"The park - 1909-10"},{"p":"The dancer"},{"p":"The life and death"},{"p":"Portrait of Emile Floge"},{"p":"Portrait of Friederike"},{"p":"Portrait of Mada Primavesi"},{"p":"Portrait of Sonia Knips"},{"p":"Hope I"},{"p":"Hope II"},{"p":"Music I"},{"p":"Portrait of Elisabeth Bachofen-Echt - 1914"},{"p":"Orchard, 1905-1906"},{"p":"Girl with blue veil"},{"p":"Tree of life - 1905-1909"},{"p":"Il Bacio (particolare)"}] Kandinskij Vasilij Kandinskij Vasilij [51] [{"p":"Blue arch - 1917"},{"p":"Blaues Bild - 1924"},{"p":"Blue circle - 1922"},{"p":"Color study"},{"p":"Composition IX - 1936"},{"p":"Contrasting Sounds - 1924"},{"p":"Painting with white border. Second version - 1913"},{"p":"Two ovals - 1919"},{"p":"Gelb-Rot und Blau - 1925"},{"p":"Improvisation Klamm - 1914"},{"p":"The black line I - 1913"},{"p":"Black Spot - 1912"},{"p":"Montée Gracieuse - 1934"},{"p":"In the blue - 1925"},{"p":"No. 236 Open Green - 1923"},{"p":"All Saints - 1911"},{"p":"Schaukeln - 1925"},{"p":"Schweres Rot - 1924"},{"p":"SpENzen im Bogen - 1927"},{"p":"On white II - 1923"},{"p":"On points - 1928"},{"p":"Knight of the Apocalypse II - 1914"},{"p":"Impression III (Concert) - 1911"},{"p":"Improvisation No 11-1910"},{"p":"The blue knight - 1903"},{"p":"Composition. Landscape - 1915"},{"p":"Improvisation 19-1911"},{"p":"Landscape (Dunaberg), 1913"},{"p":"Picture with a black arch - 1912"},{"p":"Picture with red spot - 1914"},{"p":"St. George II - 1911"},{"p":"Composition IV"},{"p":"Murnau - View with Railway and Castle"},{"p":"Riegsee - The Village church"},{"p":"Study for Composition II - 1909-10"},{"p":"Bow and arrow - 1923"},{"p":"Around the circle - 1940"},{"p":"Nude - 1911"},{"p":"Red oval - 1920"},{"p":"Ascesa Morbida, 1934"},{"p":"Composition X - 1939"},{"p":"Lyrical - 1911"},{"p":"Black Spot I - 1912"},{"p":"Red Spot II - 1921"},{"p":"Romantic landscape -1911"},{"p":"Dominant Rose- 1932"},{"p":"Untitled - 1910"},{"p":"Schaukeln (particolare)"},{"p":"Spitzen im Bogen (particolare)"},{"p":"Attorno al cerchio - 1940 (particolare)"},{"p":"Tensions dèlicates - 1923-1925"}] Gauguin Paul Gauguin Paul [49] [{"p":"Woman with mango - 1892"},{"p":"What! Are you jealous? (Aha oe feii) - 1892"},{"p":"Woman Holding a Fruit - 1893"},{"p":"Fairy te Moua, at the foot of the mountain - 1892"},{"p":"Near the sea - 1892"},{"p":"A Vase of Flowers - 1896"},{"p":"When are you getting married ? - 1892"},{"p":"Her name was Vairaumati - 1892"},{"p":"Garden in the Snow - 1879"},{"p":"Meli Hermitage, near Pontoise - 1879"},{"p":"The Spirit of the Dead Watching (Manao tupapau) - 1892"},{"p":"Clovis asleep - 1884"},{"p":"Still Life with Mandolin - 1885"},{"p":"The market (Ta Matete) - 1892"},{"p":"The woman with the flower (Vahine no te tiare) - 1891"},{"p":"Barbarians Tales - 1902"},{"p":"Pond with Ducks - 1881"},{"p":"Les Alyscamps - 1888"},{"p":"Portrait with Yellow Christ - 1889-90"},{"p":"Riders on the Beach - 1902"},{"p":"Marquesan Man in a Red Cape - 1902"},{"p":"Sunflowers on a chair - 1901"},{"p":"The Ford (The flight)  1901"},{"p":"Landscape - 1873"},{"p":"The Four Breton Girls - 1886"},{"p":"Blue roofs, Rouen - 1884"},{"p":"Cattle drinking - 1885"},{"p":"Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? - 1897-98"},{"p":"Self portrait - 1888"},{"p":"Caricature Self Portrait - 1889"},{"p":"Bonjour. Monsieur Gauguin - 1889"},{"p":"Riders on the Beach"},{"p":"Rural constructions"},{"p":"Tahitian woman"},{"p":"Tahitian woman with pelican"},{"p":"Chuffenecker family"},{"p":"Breton girls dancing"},{"p":"La belle Angele - 1889"},{"p":"The Seine near the Pont de Jena - 1875"},{"p":"The Vision after Sermion - 1888"},{"p":"Christmas Eve"},{"p":"Van Gogh painting sunflowers - 1888"},{"p":"AENa Parari te Tamari Vahine JudENh - 1893"},{"p":"Woman in red dress - 1891"},{"p":"The Big Buddha - 1899"},{"p":"Matamoe - 1892"},{"p":"Nave Nave Moe - 1894"},{"p":"Tahitian Women on the Beach - 1891"},{"p":"Tahitian Parau api - 1892"}] Leonardo Leonardo [30] [{"p":"The Upper Room - 1495 - 1498"},{"p":"The Virgin and Child with St. Anne - 1510"},{"p":"The Madonna of the Yarnwinder - 1501"},{"p":"Madonna of the Carnation - 1478 - 1480"},{"p":"Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani (Lady with an ermine) - 1488 - 1490"},{"p":"Portrait of a Lady - 1490 - 1495"},{"p":"Bust of a warrior in profile"},{"p":"Portrait of a young woman in profile"},{"p":"Sketches works"},{"p":"Vitruvian Man"},{"p":"Head of a bearded man"},{"p":"Profile of an old man"},{"p":"Studio per la testa di due guerrieri"},{"p":"Study of a young man profile"},{"p":"Study for the Trivulzio monument"},{"p":"Study for the Last Supper and architectural projects"},{"p":"Study of an old sketch of a leonic head"},{"p":"Portrait of Geneva (detail)"},{"p":"Nude Male Figure, dorsal view - 1503-1509"},{"p":"Star of Bethlehem"},{"p":"Allegorical representation with various figures"},{"p":"Anatomical studies on the muscles of the leg"},{"p":"Study of flowers -1481-1483"},{"p":"Studio di anemoni in fiore"},{"p":"Study of arms and hands"},{"p":"Studio di un giunco in fiore - 1506-1508"},{"p":"Study of a characteristic head"},{"p":"Study of the proportions of a horse"},{"p":"The Mona Lisa - 1503-06"},{"p":"Madonna and Child"}] Monet Claude Monet Claude [56] [{"p":"The house in the roses - 1925"},{"p":"Waterlilies - 1906"},{"p":"Waterlilies - 1906"},{"p":"Waterlilies - 1908"},{"p":"Waterlilies - 1914 - 1915"},{"p":"Waterlilies - 1914 - 1917"},{"p":"Waterlilies - 1916 - 1919"},{"p":"Waterlilies - 1907"},{"p":"Waterlilies (2) - 1914 - 1917"},{"p":"Waterlilies (2) - 1916 - 1919"},{"p":"Waterlilies and agapanthus - 1914 - 1917"},{"p":"Yellow and lilac waterlilies"},{"p":"Boulevard des Capucines - 1873"},{"p":"Impression: sunrise"},{"p":"The cliff - 1873"},{"p":"View of Argenteuil in the Snow - 1875"},{"p":"Red Boats at Argenteuil - 1875"},{"p":"Path in the Ile Saint-Martin - 1880"},{"p":"Sunset at Lavacourt - 1880"},{"p":"Vase of sunflowers - 1881"},{"p":"House of the customs officers at Varengeville - 1882"},{"p":"Cliff at Varengeville - 1882"},{"p":"Antibes seen from La Salis - 1888"},{"p":"View of Jaun-les-Pins"},{"p":"Snowy landscape at sunset - 1880"},{"p":"Poplars: Wind effect- 1891"},{"p":"Poplars: summer"},{"p":"Landscape: the weeping willow"},{"p":"Poppies at Argenteuil - 1873"},{"p":"Landscape in Bordighera - 1884"},{"p":"The Thames and the Houses of Parliament in London - 1871"},{"p":"The Corner of the Garden at Montgeron 1876-1877"},{"p":"The Road in Vetheuil in Winter 1879"},{"p":"The avenue of the Rose Garden at Giverny - 1920-1922"},{"p":"The Zaan at Zaandam - 1871"},{"p":"Grand Canal and Santa Maria Della Salute in Venice - 1908"},{"p":"Houses of Parliament of London; Sun breaking through the fog - 1904"},{"p":"Boatyard near Honfleur- 1864"},{"p":"Water Lilies, Water Landscape - 1905"},{"p":"Parisians enjoying the Parc Monceau - 1878"},{"p":"Still life with apples and grapes - 1880"},{"p":"Women in the Garden - 1866"},{"p":"Camille Monet in Japanese Costume - 1876"},{"p":"Boating on the River Epte - 1887"},{"p":"Rouen Cathedral in the Setting Sun - 1892-94"},{"p":"Saint-Lazare station - 1877"},{"p":"Monets garden at Argenteuil - 1873"},{"p":"Cliff Walk - 1882"},{"p":"The jetty at Le Havre bad weather: 1870"},{"p":"La Manneporte at Etretat - 1886"},{"p":"The Rue Montorgueil, Paris, Celebration of June 30, 1878"},{"p":"Hotel des Roches Noires at Trouville - 1870"},{"p":"Under the lemon trees - 1884"},{"p":"Saggio di figura all'aria aperta"},{"p":"Monets garden - 1900"},{"p":"Arm of the Seine near Giverny, fog -1897"}] Modigliani Amedeo Modigliani Amedeo [15] [{"p":"Jeanne Hébuterne in a hat - 1919"},{"p":"Jeanne Hébuterne with the yellow sweater, 1918-1919"},{"p":"Paul Alexander in front of a stained glass window - 1913"},{"p":"Portrait of Beatrice Hastings - 1915"},{"p":"Portrait of Léopold Zborowski - 1917"},{"p":"Portrait of Paul Guillaume - 1916"},{"p":"Red Nude - 1917"},{"p":"Nude - 1918"},{"p":"The feminine divine - 1913"},{"p":"Hanka Zborowska - 1919"},{"p":"Il volto del Turbamento - 1915"},{"p":"Léopold Zboroqski - 1918"},{"p":"Madame Pompadour - 1915"},{"p":"Standing nude (Elvira) - 1918"},{"p":"Portrait of Lunia Czechowska - 1919"}] Canaletto Canaletto [15] [{"p":"Capriccio with Ruins and Porta Portello, Padua"},{"p":"The molo and the Riva degli Schiavoni from the basin of San Marco"},{"p":"The basilica of San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale, from Procuratie Vecchie"},{"p":"Landscape with Ruins"},{"p":"Venice, the Grand Canal from Campo Santa Sophia to the Rialto bridge"},{"p":"Venice, the Arsenal bridge"},{"p":"Venice, the square to the north"},{"p":"Venice, Riva degli Schiavoni towards the east"},{"p":"Venice, Piazza San Marco from the Basilica to the church of San Gemini and the Procuratie nuove"},{"p":"Venice, view from the porch"},{"p":"Venice, Receipt of the imperial ambassador in the doge palace"},{"p":"Venice, Giants Staircase"},{"p":"Campo of SS John and Paul with the School of St. Marc - 1726"},{"p":"The Grand Canal to the east from Campo San Vito - 1727"},{"p":"The Church of Salute from Piazzetta"}] Renoir Pierre Auguste Renoir Pierre Auguste [34] [{"p":"Luncheon of the Boating Party - 1881"},{"p":"The reader - 1874-76"},{"p":"Portrait of Irene Cahen dAuvers - 1880"},{"p":"Nude sitting - 1880"},{"p":"Umbrellas - 1881-1885"},{"p":"Girl with straw hat - 1881"},{"p":"Rocks at LEstaque - 1882"},{"p":"Arab Festival (The Mosque), 1882"},{"p":"On the terrace - 1881"},{"p":"Charles Le Coeur - 1874"},{"p":"The bathers - 1918-19"},{"p":"La Grenouillere - 1869"},{"p":"The little gleaner - 1888"},{"p":"Flowers in a vase - 1880-1882"},{"p":"Bather with a griffon - 1870"},{"p":"Blonde Bather - 1881"},{"p":"Blonde Bather - 1903-05"},{"p":"Dance in company - 1882-83"},{"p":"The straw hat - 1890"},{"p":"Julie Manet with cat - 1887"},{"p":"The young mother - 1898"},{"p":"The Swing - 1876"},{"p":"Maternity - 1886"},{"p":"Monet reading - 1872"},{"p":"Return from a boat trip- 1862"},{"p":"Portrait of Jeanne Samary - 1877"},{"p":"Still Life with bouquet and Japanese fan"},{"p":"Portrait of the Countess Pourtalès - 1877"},{"p":"Portrait of Eugène Murer - 1877"},{"p":"The theater box - 1874"},{"p":"Parisian women dressed in Algerian costume - 1871-72"},{"p":"Dance at Bougiuac"},{"p":"Frederic Bazille at his easel-1867"},{"p":"The Inn of Mother Anthony-1866"}] Raffaello Raffaello [9] [{"p":"Self Portrait - 1506"},{"p":"The Three Graces - 1504 - 1505"},{"p":"Madonna del Granduca (Madonna and Child) - 1505 - 1506"},{"p":"Sistine Madonna (detail) - 1513 - 1514"},{"p":"Canigiani Holy Family- 1507 - 1508"},{"p":"Transportation of Christ to the Sepulchre - 1508"},{"p":"Madonna del Prato - 1506"},{"p":"Portrait of a Lady with a unicorn - 1505"},{"p":"The Transfiguration - 1518-20"}] Any other business Any other business [14] [{"p":"Dancer with castanets shells foot - 1784"},{"p":"Beauty at the sunrise of the New Year - 1794"},{"p":"Beauty that advances"},{"p":"Feminine beauty - 1690"},{"p":"Chobunsai Eishi - 1800"},{"p":"Courtesan sitting - 1704"},{"p":"The actor Ichikawa Komazo - 1794"},{"p":"Toshusai Sharaku - 1794"},{"p":"The actor Ichikawa Ebizo - 1796"},{"p":"Katsukawa Shun'ei - 1791"},{"p":"The actor Nakamura Nakazo - 1796"},{"p":"Torii Kiyonaga - wedding ceremony - 1784"},{"p":"The actor Toshusai Sharaku - 1794"},{"p":"The actor Ichikawa Danjuro - 1697"}] Arcimboldi Giuseppe Arcimboldi Giuseppe [2] [{"p":"Winter - 1563"},{"p":"Vertumno - 1591"}] Barocci Federico Barocci Federico [1] [{"p":"Rest on the Flight into Egypt - 1595 - 1596"}] Beato Angelico Beato Angelico [2] [{"p":"Annunciation, 1432-1434"},{"p":"Altarpiece Annalena, 1430"}] Becker Paula Becker Paula [2] [{"p":"Old woman in the hospice"},{"p":"Self-portrait with amber necklace"}] Bernard Émile Bernard Émile [3] [{"p":"August, orchard at Pont-Aven"},{"p":"The buckwheat harvest"},{"p":"Still life with blue coffeepot"}] Botticelli Botticelli [5] [{"p":"The Birth of Venus - 1485"},{"p":"Allegory of Spring - 1482"},{"p":"Madonna of the Book - 1480"},{"p":"The Adoration of the Magi - 1475"},{"p":"Madonna and Child and the young St.John the Baptist - 1490-1495"}] Caillebotte Gustave Caillebotte Gustave [3] [{"p":"Nasturtiums - 1892"},{"p":"Paris, Place de lEurope in the rain - 1877"},{"p":"Interior, woman at the window-1880"}] Canova Canova [1] [{"p":"The three Graces dancing"}] Caravaggio Caravaggio [24] [{"p":"Basket of Fruit - 1597 - 1598"},{"p":"The Fortune Teller - 1596 - 1597"},{"p":"Supper at Emmaus - 1606"},{"p":"A Boy Peeling Fruit - 1592"},{"p":"Boy with a Basket of Fruit - 1593 - 1594"},{"p":"The cardsharps - 1594"},{"p":"The Musicians - 1595"},{"p":"Boy Bitten by a Lizard - 1595 - 1596"},{"p":"Rest on the Flight into Egypt - 1595 - 1596"},{"p":"St. Catherine of Alexandria - 1597"},{"p":"The Lute Player - 1595 - 1596"},{"p":"Sick Bacchus - 1593-94"},{"p":"Deposition - 1602-04"},{"p":"Musicians (detail)"},{"p":"Crowning with Thorns (detail)"},{"p":"Crowning with Thorns -1603"},{"p":"The Calling of St. Matthew (detail1)"},{"p":"The Calling of St. Matthew (detail2)"},{"p":"Madonna of the Pilgrims (detail)"},{"p":"Madonna of the Pilgrims - 1604-06"},{"p":"Martyrdom of St. Peter - 1600-01"},{"p":"Sacrifice of Isaac - 1597-98"},{"p":"Sacrifice of Isaac - 1603"},{"p":"St. John the Baptist - 1597-98"}] Cassat Mary Cassat Mary [4] [{"p":"Children playing on the beach"},{"p":"Boat trip"},{"p":"Young girl combing her hair"},{"p":"Francoise with a little black dog - 1880"}] Cezanne Paul Cezanne Paul [36] [{"p":"Self Portrait - 1872-76"},{"p":"Bathers - 1874-75"},{"p":"Houses ( the roofs) - 1877"},{"p":"On the banks of the Seine at Berey - 1876-78"},{"p":"Snowmelt at Fontainebleau - 1879-82"},{"p":"Containers, fruit and tea towel- 1879-82"},{"p":"L Estaque View Through The Trees"},{"p":"LEstaque and the Gulf of Marseilles - 1882-85"},{"p":"Dahlias - 1873"},{"p":"Rocks at LEstaque - 1882-85"},{"p":"The Gulf of Marseilles - 1883-85"},{"p":"Victor Chocquet - 1877"},{"p":"The banks of the Marne - 1888"},{"p":"The card players - 1890-92"},{"p":"Self-Portrait with a Casquette - 1873-75"},{"p":"The chateau at Medan - 1879-81"},{"p":"The House of Pere Lacroix in Auvers - 1873"},{"p":"Sainte-Victoire mountain - 1902-06"},{"p":"Bridge over the Marne at Creteil - 1888"},{"p":"The Aqueduct- 1898-1900"},{"p":"Still Life with petunias - 1885"},{"p":"The house of Dr Gachet in Auvers - 1873"},{"p":"Pink background portrait"},{"p":"Bathers"},{"p":"Five bathers - 1879-80"},{"p":"The large bathers - 1906"},{"p":"Mont Sainte-Victoire from Les Lauves - 1905-06"},{"p":"The road (the old wall) - 1875-76"},{"p":"Young girl at the piano-1869"},{"p":"The black watch -1870"},{"p":"Jar, coffee-pot and fruit -1870"},{"p":"House on a hill - 1904"},{"p":"Woman with coffee pot - 1890"},{"p":"Gardanne (detail) - 1885"},{"p":"The large pine - 1896"},{"p":"Strada in curva - 1900"}] Cooke Edward William Cooke Edward William [1] [{"p":"Venezia - 1851"}] Coubert Gustave Coubert Gustave [11] [{"p":"The wave 1 - 1869"},{"p":"Seascape-1872"},{"p":"The Woman in the wave - 1868"},{"p":"Young girl arranging flowers - 1862"},{"p":"Source - 1868"},{"p":"The cliffs at Etretat - 1866"},{"p":"The wheat sifters - 1854"},{"p":"The wave 2 - 1869"},{"p":"Navy - 1865"},{"p":"Still life - 1872"},{"p":"Sloth and lust - 1866"}] Daumier Honorè Daumier Honorè [1] [{"p":"The washerwoman-1863"}] Degas Edgar Degas Edgar [26] [{"p":"After the bath - 1896"},{"p":"L'etoile - 1876-1877"},{"p":"Mademoiselle La La at the Circus Fernando - 1879"},{"p":"Dance Foyer at the Opera - 1872"},{"p":"The Dance Class- 1873"},{"p":"Portrait in a New Orleans Cotton Office - 1873"},{"p":"The dance lesson - 1879-80"},{"p":"Two dancers in repose - 1910"},{"p":"Dancer in the dressing room - 1880"},{"p":"Cafe-concert singer - 1878"},{"p":"Dancer in green"},{"p":"Racehorses in a landscape"},{"p":"Woman combing her hair - 1886-88"},{"p":"After the bath - 1883"},{"p":"Cafe Concert at Les Ambassadeurs - 1875-85"},{"p":"The tub - 1886"},{"p":"At the milliner-1905"},{"p":"The Fallen jockey-1896"},{"p":"The song of the dog-1876"},{"p":"Women ironing-1884"},{"p":"Henri Rouart and his son Alexis-1895"},{"p":"Portrait of Hilaire De Gas-1857"},{"p":"The Billiard room at Menil Hubert - 1892"},{"p":"Portrait of Louis Edmond Duranty - 1879"},{"p":"The little milliners - 1882"},{"p":"At the milliners - 1882"}] Delacroix Eugène Delacroix Eugène [13] [{"p":"Chopin - 1838"},{"p":"Women of Algiers - 1834"},{"p":"Arab Fantasy - 1832"},{"p":"Baron Louis-Auguste de Schwiter - 1826"},{"p":"The entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople - 1840"},{"p":"The Battle of Nancy - 1831"},{"p":"Greece Expiring on the Ruins of Messolonghi- 1826"},{"p":"The mulatta Aline - 1824-1826"},{"p":"Naked woman sitting - 1817"},{"p":"Naked with white stockings- 1825-1832"},{"p":"Orphan Girl at the cemetery - 1823"},{"p":"Count de Mornays Apartment - 1833"},{"p":"Turkish man sat - 1827"}] Duprè Jules Duprè Jules [1] [{"p":"Autumn-1865"}] Duran Carolus Duran Carolus [1] [{"p":"The glove lady"}] Fantin-Latour Henri Fantin-Latour Henri [1] [{"p":"White narcissus, hyacinths and tulips"}] Foppa Vincenzo Foppa Vincenzo [1] [{"p":"Madonna of the book - 1460-687"}] Garzoni Giovanna Garzoni Giovanna [31] [{"p":"Anemones - 1625"},{"p":"Artichokes in a Chinese dish with rose and strawberries - 1631"},{"p":"A dish of cherries - 1642"},{"p":"A dish of broad beans - 1651"},{"p":"A plate of figs - 1632"},{"p":"Figs on a plate and jasmine - 1652"},{"p":"Figs in a Chinese bowl with cherries and gardellino - 1668-1669"},{"p":"Flowers in a Glass Vase - 1620"},{"p":"Flowers in a clown glass placed on a stone with a peach leaning - 1622-1624"},{"p":"Flowers in a glass jester1 - 1654"},{"p":"Flowers in a Chinese vase with two plums and peas - 1634"},{"p":"Flowers in a vase on a marble slab with two shells at the sides and butterflies at the top - 1631"},{"p":"Oriental hyacinth - 1649"},{"p":"Pomegranate open in a plate with grasshopper, snail and 2 chestnuts - 1653"},{"p":"Still life with fruit and birds - 1655-1658"},{"p":"Pears, grapes and snail - 1660"},{"p":"Peaches and plums in a bowl - 1670"},{"p":"Peaches in a dish with cucumber - 1665"},{"p":"Plate of cherries - 1642"},{"p":"Dish of white and black grapes, with a peach and jujube - 1643-1645"},{"p":"Melon with a slice of watermelon - 1658"},{"p":"Artistic Print1- 1631"},{"p":"Artistic Print2 - 1634"},{"p":"Artistic Print3 - 1333"},{"p":"Artistic Print4 - 1632"},{"p":"Artistic Print5 - 1638"},{"p":"Artistic Print6 - 1635"},{"p":"Artistic Print7 - 1636"},{"p":"Artistic Print8 - 1637"},{"p":"Plums in a dish with jasmine and walnut - 1649"},{"p":"Plums in a dish, nuts, jasmine and a fly - 1653-1655"}] Giorgione Giorgione [4] [{"p":"Adoration of the Shepherds (Allendale Nativity) - 1504"},{"p":"Judith - 1503"},{"p":"The three philosophers - 1505"},{"p":"Sleeping Venus (Venus of Dresden) - 1510"}] Giotto Giotto [8] [{"p":"Kiss of Judas - 1303-05"},{"p":"Lamentation over the dead Christ"},{"p":"Christ before Caiaphas - 1303-05"},{"p":"Crucifixion"},{"p":"Flight into Egypt"},{"p":"Joachim among the shepherds"},{"p":"Final Judgment"},{"p":"Joachims Dream  - 1304-06"}] Goya Francisco Goya Francisco [27] [{"p":"Naked maya - 1797-1800"},{"p":"Dance of the Majos at the Banks of Manzanares- 1777"},{"p":"Don Sebastian Gabriel - 1822"},{"p":"Francisca Sabasa Y Garcia - 1804-08"},{"p":"Dukes of Osuna with their children - 1788"},{"p":"The 13 of may 1808 The Shooting of Prince Pio  - 1814"},{"p":"The puppet - 1791-1792"},{"p":"The crockery seller - 1778"},{"p":"VII Count Fernan Nunez - 1803"},{"p":"Isabel de Porcel - 1805"},{"p":"Josefa Bayeu De Goya - 1795-1796"},{"p":"Juan Bautista de Muguiro - 1828"},{"p":"The devils lamp - 1798"},{"p":"The Milkmaid of Bordeaux - 1827"},{"p":"The snowfall - 1786"},{"p":"The Tirana - 1799"},{"p":"The parasol - 1777"},{"p":"Maria Ana De Pontejos y sandoval, Marquise of Pontejos - 1786"},{"p":"Maria Teresa Cayetana De Silva, Duchess of Alba - 1795"},{"p":"Merenda Campestre - 1776"},{"p":"Miracle of St. Anthony of Padua - 1778"},{"p":"Ornament of San Antonio de la Florida - 1778"},{"p":"Boys with mastiffs- 1786"},{"p":"Ramon Statue - 1823"},{"p":"Tadea Arias de Enriquez - 1793-1794"},{"p":"Teresa Sureda - 1804-1806"},{"p":"Witches' Sabbath - 1797-1798"}] Hayez Francesco Hayez Francesco [39] [{"p":"The kiss - 1859"},{"p":"Antonietta Negroni Prati Morosini as a child - 1872"},{"p":"Antonietta Tarsus Basilico - 1863"},{"p":"Antonietta VENali Sola - 1823"},{"p":"Aristide - 1811"},{"p":"Self-portrait at sixty-nine - 1860"},{"p":"Bather - 1854"},{"p":"Bagnante di schiena - 1853"},{"p":"Bathsheba at her bath- 1834"},{"p":"Cardinal Ruini de la Vega - 1846"},{"p":"Cristina Di Belloso Trivulzio - 1837"},{"p":"Don Giulio Vigoni, Child - 1830"},{"p":"Giuseppe Roberti - 1819"},{"p":"Portrait of the family Stampa di Soncino - 1821-1822"},{"p":"Family group- 1821"},{"p":"Sicilian Vespers-3° - 1821-1823"},{"p":"Count Ninni - 1825"},{"p":"Portrait of the Princess of St. Antimo - 1840"},{"p":"The thirst of the Crusaders - 1833"},{"p":"The patient - 1825"},{"p":"The Venetian - 1835"},{"p":"LevENa Di Efraim - 1842-1844"},{"p":"Ferdinand I The Emperor of Austria - 1840"},{"p":"The Penitent Magdalene - 1825"},{"p":"Massimo D'Azelio - 1860"},{"p":"Matilde Juva Branca - 1851"},{"p":"The female nude - 1859"},{"p":"Odalisque - 1839"},{"p":"Odalisque reading - 1866"},{"p":"Reclining Odalisque - 1839"},{"p":"Pompeo Marchesi  - 1830"},{"p":"Rinaldo and Armida - 1814"},{"p":"Romeo and Juliet - 1823"},{"p":"Ruth - 1835"},{"p":"Samson and the Lion - 1842"},{"p":"The lady of Vienna- 1835"},{"p":"Teresa Borri stampa Manzoni - 1848"},{"p":"Ulysses at the court of Alcinous - 1814"},{"p":"Il Bacio - 1859 (particolare)"}] Hiroshige Hiroshige [15] [{"p":"The morning fog - 1832"},{"p":"The Sakawa river - 1832"},{"p":"Autumn - 1843"},{"p":"Owl on a Pine Branch - 1832"},{"p":"Plum garden at Kameido - 1857"},{"p":"The sea at Satta in Suruga Province - 1858"},{"p":"Iris"},{"p":"Crescent moon - 1832"},{"p":"Evening snow"},{"p":"Toras rain"},{"p":"Swallows and Peach Blossom in the Moonlight- 1832"},{"p":"Tsubo Plain at Susaki"},{"p":"Bird on Kakis branches"},{"p":"Night view of Saruwaka - 1856"},{"p":"Detail Winter"}] Hokusai Hokusai [7] [{"p":"Old Tiger in the Snow - 1849"},{"p":"Banana plantation in Chute - 1833"},{"p":"Lady with parasol - 1797"},{"p":"The prodigy child  Kintaro - 1788"},{"p":"Detail of The Great Wave - 1830"},{"p":"Ejiri in the Suruga province - 1830-32"},{"p":"La grande onda di Kanagawa - 1803-31"}] Ingres J. A. Dominique Ingres J. A. Dominique [2] [{"p":"The turkish bath - 1862"},{"p":"Madame MoENessier - 1851"}] Kirchner E. Ludwig Kirchner E. Ludwig [16] [{"p":"Self- portrait with model"},{"p":"Self-portrait as a soldier - 1915"},{"p":"Five bathers at the lake - 1911"},{"p":"Negro dance"},{"p":"Dodo and his brother"},{"p":"Entering the water - 1912"},{"p":"Franzi in front of a carved chair - 1910"},{"p":"The russian lady"},{"p":"Mariella"},{"p":"Nudes playing under a tree - 1910"},{"p":"Nude (Dodo) - 1909"},{"p":"Nude with hat"},{"p":"Girl under a Japanese Parasol"},{"p":"Berlin street scene - 1913"},{"p":"Red Tower in Halle"},{"p":"Postdamer Platz"}] Klee Paul Klee Paul [19] [{"p":"Red and White Domes"},{"p":"Der Vollmond"},{"p":"Die beiden"},{"p":"Erinnerung an ainen garten"},{"p":"Flower mith"},{"p":"Im stil v kairouan, ins gemassigte ubertragen"},{"p":"Irma rossa die bandigerin"},{"p":"Landshaft mEN fahnen"},{"p":"MEN d. braunen spENzen"},{"p":"Ohne tENel"},{"p":"Regie"},{"p":"The Rhythm of trees"},{"p":"Saint Germain near Tunis"},{"p":"Senecio"},{"p":"Separation in the evening"},{"p":"Spielende fische"},{"p":"Uberladener teufel"},{"p":"Villa R"},{"p":"Zerbronoshener schlussel"}] Lippi Filippo Lippi Filippo [1] [{"p":"Coronation of the Virgin (detail) - 1466-69"}] Lorenzetti Ambrogio Lorenzetti Ambrogio [1] [{"p":"Annunciation - 1344"}] Macke August Macke August [4] [{"p":"Landscape with brook - 1912"},{"p":"The walk - 1913"},{"p":"Passeggiata a tre - 1914"},{"p":"Girls under the trees - 1914"}] Malevic Kazimir Malevic Kazimir [2] [{"p":"Suprematism - 1916"},{"p":"The Aviator - 1914"}] Manet Edouard Manet Edouard [29] [{"p":"Luncheon on the Grass - 1863"},{"p":"A Bar at the Folies - Bergère - 1881 - 1882"},{"p":"The Fife Player - 1866"},{"p":"Monet in his floating studio- 1874"},{"p":"Berthe Morisot with a black hat and a bouquet of violets"},{"p":"Boat in Argenteuil  - 1874"},{"p":"The Plum - 1878"},{"p":"Masked ball at the Opera - 1873-74"},{"p":"The rest (Portrait of Berthe Morisot) - 1870"},{"p":"The waitress - 1879"},{"p":"Racecourse in the Bois de Boulogne - 1872"},{"p":"Portrait of Eva Gonzales - 1869-70"},{"p":"Woman in a tub"},{"p":"The absinthe drinker"},{"p":"Spanish guitarist"},{"p":"Lola de Valence - 1861"},{"p":"In the greenhouse"},{"p":"Nymph Surprised"},{"p":"Vase of Peonies"},{"p":"The Balcony - 1868"},{"p":"Breakfast in the studio- 1868"},{"p":"The street singer-1862"},{"p":"Boy with a sword-1861"},{"p":"The Laundry - 1875"},{"p":"Self-portrait with a palette - 1879"},{"p":"At the cafe - 1878"},{"p":"Portrait of Antonino Proust - 1877"},{"p":"Nanà - 1877"},{"p":"The railway- 1872"}] Marc Franz Marc Franz [12] [{"p":"The mountain goats"},{"p":"Red deer II - 1912"},{"p":"The Fate of the animals - 1913"},{"p":"Fighting forms- 1914"},{"p":"Gazelles - 1913"},{"p":"The little blue horses - 1911"},{"p":"The dream - 1912"},{"p":"The tiger - 1912"},{"p":"Study of a horse - 1908-1909"},{"p":"Tyrol - 1914"},{"p":"Blue-black fox - 1911"},{"p":"Blue horse - 1911"}] Melozzo da Forlì Melozzo da Forlì [1] [{"p":"Sixtus IV appoints Bartolomeo Platina prefect of the Vatican Library  - 1477"}] Michelangelo Michelangelo [3] [{"p":"The Delphic Sibyl (detail)"},{"p":"Study of a nude (detail)"},{"p":"The Creation of Adam"}] Morisot Berthe Morisot Berthe [3] [{"p":"The Cradle-1872"},{"p":"Reading -1870"},{"p":"The mirror-1876"}] Mucha Alfons Mucha Alfons [1] [{"p":"Girl with tulips"}] Muller Muller [4] [{"p":"Bathers in the Reeds"},{"p":"Bathers in the forest"},{"p":"Lovers - 1919"},{"p":"Bathers - 1920"}] Munch Edvard Munch Edvard [1] [{"p":"The Scream - 1893"}] Old Maps Old Maps [12] [{"p":"Map 001"},{"p":"Map 002"},{"p":"Map 003"},{"p":"Map 004"},{"p":"Map 005"},{"p":"Map 006"},{"p":"Map 007"},{"p":"Map 008"},{"p":"Map 009"},{"p":"Map 010"},{"p":"Map 011"},{"p":"Map 012"}] Piero Della Francesca Piero Della Francesca [1] [{"p":"Virgin with Child giving his blessing and two Angels (The Senigallia Madonna) - 1470"}] Pissarro Pissarro [7] [{"p":"Boulevard Montmartre on a sunny afternoon - 1897"},{"p":"Woman in the Meadow at Eragny, Spring"},{"p":"Shepherdess and Sheep - 1887"},{"p":"Rue de l'Epicerie, Rouen"},{"p":"Avenue d'opéra - 1898"},{"p":"La Place du theatre francais"},{"p":"Rain effect in the morning, in front of the poerto of Dieppe-1902"}] Redon Odilon Redon Odilon [22] [{"p":"Adam and Eve - 1875"},{"p":"Anemones in a Jug - 1863"},{"p":"Case of flowers - 1916"},{"p":"Christ and the serpent - 1861"},{"p":"Woman with headscarves - 1898"},{"p":"Evocation - 1879"},{"p":"Butterflies - 1872"},{"p":"Cat asleep - 1893"},{"p":"The Cyclops - 1898-1900"},{"p":"Chariots for Apollo - 1894"},{"p":"The smiling spider - 1881"},{"p":"Mysterious boat - 1890"},{"p":"The masked anemone - 1864"},{"p":"Glance - 1895"},{"p":"Sea Monsters - 1885"},{"p":"Nude with blue scarf - 1872"},{"p":"Ophelia - 1905-1908"},{"p":"Balloon eye - 1882"},{"p":"Pegasus - 1900"},{"p":"Pegasus and Andromeda - 1895"},{"p":"San Sebastian - 1900-1910"},{"p":"Head of a Martyr - 1877"}] Rousseau Henri Rousseau Henri [27] [{"p":"Self-portrait - 1889-1890"},{"p":"Girl with doll - 1873"},{"p":"Fight between a tiger and a buffalo - 1908-1909"},{"p":"Rendez-vous in the forest - 1886-1890"},{"p":"Eve and the serpent - 1904-1905"},{"p":"Bouquet of flowers - 1909"},{"p":"Football players - 1908"},{"p":"The Monkeys in the Jungle - 1887"},{"p":"Jungle with monkeys and oranges - 1888"},{"p":"Jungle with source - 1895"},{"p":"Gli Allegri commedianti - 1906"},{"p":"Still life with blue coffeepot - 1910"},{"p":"The pink candle - 1909"},{"p":"Negro attacked by a jaguar - 1910"},{"p":"The mill at Alfort - 1875"},{"p":"Landscape with cattle - 1905"},{"p":"Landscape with spinner and cattle - 1895-1900"},{"p":"Landscape with washerwoman - 1888"},{"p":"Panther attacked by a lion - 1895"},{"p":"The walk in the forest - 1886-1890"},{"p":"Young girl in pink - 1879"},{"p":"Portrait of Apollinaire - 1890"},{"p":"Portrait of Pierre Loti - 1910"},{"p":"The banks of the Oise - 1905"},{"p":"A Carnival Evening - 1886"},{"p":"Flowers in a vase - 1909"},{"p":"The Avenue in the Park at Saint-Cloud - 1902"}] Rubens Pieter Paul Rubens Pieter Paul [3] [{"p":"Cymon and Iphigenia - 1617-18"},{"p":"The Landing of Marie de Medici at Marseilles (detail)"},{"p":"Three Graces"}] Schiele Egon Schiele Egon [4] [{"p":"The twins"},{"p":"A supine female nude"},{"p":"Lying girl"},{"p":"Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer, 1914"}] Seurat Georges Seurat Georges [4] [{"p":"A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte"},{"p":"The Eiffel Tower - 1889"},{"p":"The circus - 1891"},{"p":"Young woman powdering herself - 1888-89"}] Signac Paul Signac Paul [3] [{"p":"Les Andelys, the riverbank - 1886"},{"p":"The Quiet Morning"},{"p":"Constantinople, the Gold Coast-1907"}] Sisley Alfred Sisley Alfred [7] [{"p":"The garden of Ernest Hoschedé at Montgeron - 1881"},{"p":"River Banks at Saint-Mammès - 1884"},{"p":"View of Moret-sur-Loing - 1892"},{"p":"Snow at Louveciennes - 1878"},{"p":"Villeneuve la Garenne on the Seine"},{"p":"Regatta at Molesey-1874"},{"p":"The Fog, Vosins-1874"}] Stevens Alfred Stevens Alfred [1] [{"p":"Woman in pink - 1866"}] Tiepolo Giambattista Tiepolo Giambattista [14] [{"p":"Abraham and the Angels - 1730"},{"p":"Hagar and Ishmael - 1732"},{"p":"Alexander and Campaspe in the studio of Apelle (together) - 1725-1728"},{"p":"Alexander and Campaspe in the studio of Apelle1- 1725-1726"},{"p":"Alexander and Campaspe in the studio of Apelle2 - 1725-1727"},{"p":"Apollo and Daphne - 1743-1744"},{"p":"Young lady playing the mandolin - 1758-1760"},{"p":"A young lady with parrot - 1760"},{"p":"The appearance of angels to Abraham - 1727"},{"p":"Detail of the Judgment of Solomon - 1756"},{"p":"Detail of Rachel hides the idols - 1727-1728"},{"p":"Scipio and the slave - 1731"},{"p":"Susanna and the Old men - 1745"},{"p":"Oriental head - 1765"}] Toulouse-Lautrec Toulouse-Lautrec [56] [{"p":"A La Mie' - 1891"},{"p":"The Beginning of the Quadrille at the Moulin Rouge - 1887-1888"},{"p":"At the Moulin Rouge Promenoir - 1892"},{"p":"At Rat Mort - 1899-1900"},{"p":"Alcazar Lyrique' Aristide Bruant - 1892"},{"p":"The Toilet - 1900"},{"p":"Self-portrait at sixteen - 1880"},{"p":"Calesse - 1896"},{"p":"Carmen - 1875"},{"p":"Cha-U-Kao at Moulin Rouge - 1895"},{"p":"Cha-U-Kao in dressing room - 1895"},{"p":"Chocolat Dancing - 1894"},{"p":"Divan Japonais' - 1893"},{"p":"Woman pulling up her stocking - 1894"},{"p":"Woman combing her hair - 1891"},{"p":"Woman with black feather boa - 1892"},{"p":"Nude woman standing - 1890"},{"p":"Gabriel Tapié de Céleryan - 1893"},{"p":"The sofa - 1884"},{"p":"The young Routy in Celeryan - 1889"},{"p":"Il Lavandaio della 'casa' - 1887"},{"p":"Monsieur Boileau at the Café- 1880"},{"p":"Jane Avril dancing - 1893"},{"p":"Jardin de Paris Jane Avril (poster) - 1893"},{"p":"Justine Dieuhli sitting in the garden of Forest - 1894"},{"p":"The Moorish Dance - 1895"},{"p":"The mother of the painter at breakfast - 1890"},{"p":"The milliner - 1900"},{"p":"Mademoiselle Dihau at the Piano - 1890"},{"p":"The Toilet - 1889"},{"p":"Leon Delaporte at the Jardin de Paris - 1893"},{"p":"The English girl of the Star at Le Havre - 1899"},{"p":"The writer Romain Coolus - 1897"},{"p":"Loie Fuller at Folies Bergere - 1893"},{"p":"He, She and the dog - 1898"},{"p":"Marcelle Lender dancing the Bolero in Chilperic - 1895-1896"},{"p":"Maurice Joyant at the Bay Somme - 1895"},{"p":"Maxime de Thomas at the Opera Ball - 1895-1898"},{"p":"May Belfort (poster) - 1895"},{"p":"Messaline - 1900"},{"p":"Model Helene Vary in the study - 1892"},{"p":"Moulin Rouge' La Goulue - 1891"},{"p":"Napoleon - 1896"},{"p":"In the theater box - 1868"},{"p":"Portrait of Henri Dihau standing - 1887"},{"p":"Portrait of Monsieur Fourcade - 1889"},{"p":"Portrait of Georges-Henri Manuel standing- 1890"},{"p":"Portrait of Lily Grenier - 1888"},{"p":"Portrait of Louis Pascal - 1891"},{"p":"Portrait of Oscar Wilde - 1890"},{"p":"Portrait of Van Gogh - 1887"},{"p":"A corner of the Moulin de la Galette - 1897"},{"p":"An examination at the Faculty of Medicine - 1901"},{"p":"Yvette Guilbert greets the public - 1894"},{"p":"Ambassadeurs' Aristide Bruant - 1892"},{"p":"The Englishman At The Moulin Rouge - 1892"}] Turner William Turner William [12] [{"p":"Ulysses Deriding Polyhemus - Homer's Odyssey - 1829"},{"p":"Buttermere Lake, with Part of Cromackwater, Cumberland, a Shower - 1798"},{"p":"Sunset on the River"},{"p":"Grenoble Seen from the River Drac with Mont Blanc in the Distance"},{"p":"Margate (?) from the Sea - 1835"},{"p":"Tivoli and the Roman Campagna (after Wilson) - 1798"},{"p":"View of Richmond Hill and Bridge - 1808"},{"p":"Bonneville, Savoy, with Mount Blanc - 1803"},{"p":"Calais Pier, with French Poissards Preparing for Sea: An English Packet Arriving - 1803"},{"p":"Caernarvon Castle - 1798"},{"p":"Rain, Steam and Speed - The Great Western Railway - 1844"},{"p":"La valorosa Téméraire - 1838-1839"}] Utamaro Utamaro [21] [{"p":"Reflective love - 1793"},{"p":"Beauty enjoying coolness - 1794"},{"p":"Beauty with white gown - 1796"},{"p":"Woman smoking- 1792"},{"p":"Woman with parasol - 1792"},{"p":"Hinazuru della casa Keizetsuru - 1794"},{"p":"The sparrow of Yoshiwara - 1793"},{"p":"Komurasaki of Tamaya - 1793"},{"p":"Hour of the Snake - 1794"},{"p":"Nonawaya OkENa - 1793"},{"p":"Seyama of Matsubaya - 1793"},{"p":"Takashima Ohisa - 1792"},{"p":"Beauty playing the shamisen - 1804"},{"p":"Beauty"},{"p":"Weaving - 1797"},{"p":"The singing of the pillow - 1788"},{"p":"Cleaning of the ears - 1801"},{"p":"Orie, wife of Jutaro - 1806"},{"p":"Combing hair - 1802"},{"p":"Komurasaki of Tamaya - 1794"},{"p":"Masashiba Hisayoshi - 1803"}] Van Dyck Antoon Van Dyck Antoon [1] [{"p":"Lamentation of Christ"}] Velázquez Diego Velázquez Diego [28] [{"p":"Bust of a Gentleman - 1623"},{"p":"Crucifixion - 1631"},{"p":"Dona Antonia De Ipenarrieta and her son- 1627"},{"p":"Aesop - 1639-1642"},{"p":"Philip IV - 1631-1632"},{"p":"Philip IV on horseback - 1635"},{"p":"Philip IV in London - 1635"},{"p":"Philip IV as a hunter - 1634-1635"},{"p":"Philip IV with armour - 1625-1628"},{"p":"The drunkards - 1628"},{"p":"The jester El Primo - 1636-1638"},{"p":"The jester Sebastian de Morra - 1644"},{"p":"Count Duke of Olivares - 1635"},{"p":"The Count Duke of Olivares on horseback - 1634"},{"p":"Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback - 1635"},{"p":"Prince Baltasar Carlos as a Hunter - 1635"},{"p":"The child of Vallecas - 1637"},{"p":"The Coronation of the Virgin - 1641-1644"},{"p":"The Infanta Margherita about 5 years old- 1656"},{"p":"The Infanta Margherita of 8 years old - 1659"},{"p":"The infant Maria - 1630"},{"p":"The infant Maria Teresa - 1652-1653"},{"p":"The Infant Fernando Hunter - 1635"},{"p":"Menippus - 1639-1642"},{"p":"Dwarf with dog - 1640-1645"},{"p":"The Lady with a fan - 1639"},{"p":"View of Zaragoza - 1647"},{"p":"Venus at the mirror - 1650"}] Verrocchio Verrocchio [2] [{"p":"Baptism of Christ (detail) - 1475-78"},{"p":"Tobias and the Angel - 1470-80"}] Vitale da Bologna Vitale da Bologna [1] [{"p":"Virgin and Child (Madonna dei denti) - 1345"}]

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