Focus on Details

100% Made in Italy

One of our craftsman assembling a reproduction by hand Each reproduction is handmade in Italy by our expert craftsmen. Once printed by the best Epson® plotters and inks, our canvas specifically designed for high quality artistic reproductions is carefully mounted on white fir wooden frames.
Color control and calibration before plotter printing

Strict quality controls

From printing to shipping, every canvas must be perfect.
Before arriving at your home ready to display, each painting had to pass a rigorous quality control. Our Print operators make sure that each individual nozzle is perfect before starting the plotters. The experience of our craftsmen guarantees then the ideal tension of the fabric on the canvas, offering the maximum resistance to deformations over time.
Reproduction wrapped in bubble wrap and inserted between two corrugated cardboard panels

Safe shipping

Express courier with traceability service.
The quality of the packaging is of primary importance, for this reason we use materials and packaging procedures that can offer maximum protection. All reproductions are covered with abundant pluriball and sealed between two corrugated shock resistant cardboard panels: each package is specially shaped to the contents of your order.